Classic Salad (Pack of 10)
Classic Salad (Pack of 10)
Classic Salad (Pack of 10)
Classic Salad (Pack of 10)

Classic Salad (Pack of 10)

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Our original Ultra-Thin condom in Classic: so thin you’ll barely feel it. Tested for ultra-sensitivity. Made from natural rubber latex sourced from the only sustainable rubber forest in India. Vegan-friendly, no harmful chemicals, and 100% electronically tested for long-lasting security. Good for you, good for the planet. 🌏

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Vegan - friendly

+ Non-Toxic


Tested for

Made from natural rubber latex

15% of profits donated

Can't go wrong
with classic

Join the action

15% of our profits go directly to organizations that are providing quality access to sex-ed in schools and colleges in India. This means you’re doing good every time you’re getting it on. As if you needed any more reason to be active. Share your efforts and get brownie points for being soooo gooooood, oooo yeahhh.

No such thing as a stupid question.