Shipping Policy

We’re just starting out, so shipping options vary depending on the delivery address (i.e, where in India you are). We’re adding more and more pin codes to our reach every day. We’re also only currently available in India.

Interesting Idea: Condoms are one of the most ecologically unsustainable forms of protection because of various reasons:

  1. They’re not biodegradable.
  2. They must come in aluminum packing (governmental and health mandates to ensure they actually work).
  3. Innovation in condoms is extremely expensive (that’s why you don’t see a lot of brands coming into the market).

We can’t change the product to make it more sustainable (ask us why: but we’re working on minimizing the environmental impact of our business. We’ll be shipping orders on 2 days of the week only: Mondays and Fridays at 9 AM. This means that the transport delivery person will use less fuel in picking our condoms and delivering them to their warehouse. Baby steps. 

You’re part of the movement from the very beginning.

Write to us at if you have any questions. Our team will be thrilled to help you.